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Related Links

Chidokan MJER dojo

The parent association, Eikoku Roshukai, has its own website, showing all the U.K. dojos, as well as useful reading:

Teesside University dojo

I dont usually advertise suppliers, but there are some recommended from personal experience. This is not to say any not on the list are no good, just I havent dealt with them. Some are more expensive than others, so shop around, but before buying always ask your teacher for advice!

May I suggest the following websites as sensible reading? My friend Colins site, with translations of Iwata sensei's books, a description of his own koryu, etc. Should be visited more than it is at present... The kendo world site, nicely done with discussion pages, magazine so far is excellent.

Nishimoto senseis site, although in Japanese, contains a huge number of useful photos of Iwata sensei.

and of course E-Budo, now up and running again after a little down time recently...